D-BOATS is the story of two enthusiasts who, out of love to spend time on the water, design and adrenaline – created a brand of unique motor yachts.

At the begining we’ve uncompromisingly stated that our boats have to delight, impress with their functionality and ride best in their class. We have created a team whose members have over 30 years of experience in the production, design and assembly of boats. Experience combined with the latest technology and unique design has resulted in our first model completing the statements above. Diamond550 impresses with its design, impressive functionality and best-in-class ride, which has been appreciated by customers and industry professionals. The production of D-BOAT boats takes place in the shipyard where yachts have been produced for over 20 years. Each boat undergoes rigorous testing at every stage of production, thanks to which our products are CE certified and are the highest quality products.

Dboats Spain & USA belongs to Manzanos Enterprises is the first business that Manzanos family set up in 1890. They started elaborating wine from their own vineyards. Ever since and because of the several generations of the family running the business, the company has grown and now they own and run some more businesses. This is the fifth generation in charge of the business and this one has specifically focused on international growth and diversification to continue growing and making their legend last.

Manzanos enterprises have the support of a talented human resources team that, as well as the management team, is characterized by their youth, their international education and the passion they work with. These are the ingredients of the receipt for success and the subsequent growth of Manzanos enterprises.

The following are different companies, part of Manzanos Enterprises:


Bodegas Manzanos
Manzanos Music
Manzanos Electricity
Manzanos Mobility
Dboat Spain & USA


D-Boat Spain & USA is born from our company mission, that of celebrating life and creating moments of happiness. All of the lines of business under Manzanos seal have in common one thing: the enjoyment of the here and now. This aim is even more relevant now because of the global pandemic situation that we are living. We all have experienced a moment of reflextion and many of us have appreciated more than ever the short moments of calm and happiness shared with the people we love. D-Boat is an excuse to better squeeze the seconds that life offers us. It is a safe way to move away from worries and come closer to what brings us happiness. It Is also an experience of adrenaline and tranquility at the same time, the one of diving into the sea at full speed.

Manzanos Enterpises adds the commercialization in exclusivity for Spain and US of D- Boat to its portfolio following its company strategy of offering products and services that allow the enjoyment and celebration of life. D-Boat and Bodegas Manzanos have the same mission: bringing us moments of happiness.